Located in the hills of Vermont, TALL TRUCK is a modern indoor grow facility dedicated to growing the highest quality cannabis product.

Started in 2009 with the goal of using seeds from the best producers in the world and growing them to their fullest potential, TALL TRUCK combines an ideal indoor growing environment with exacting nutrient applications, to do just that.

Our products are perfectly cured and sealed in a scent-proof bag, labeled with the plant variety and weight. We always strive for the highest standards and best experience.

Here at TALL TRUCK, we continue to learn and perfect our techniques so we can continue to grow the highest quality products.



Tall Truck now offers HIGH QUALITY apparel!

Here at Tall Truck, we believe in offering only high quality gear and products. We are constantly adding more products and apparel.

Let us know if you don’t see something that you’d like Tall Truck branded!


Our products are grown with 100% renewable energy

One of Tall Trucks many goals is to be as environmentally responsible as possible. And adding to the pride already felt here at Tall Truck, we are pleased to announce that all of the electricity used in the Tall Truck facility is 100% renewable.

We are proud to share this information and will continue to!


Products with a THC higher than 0.3 are not currently available