The Glueberry has a strong Kush aroma and fruity flavor. Glueberry OG is a hybrid indica/sativa strain with piney and earthy tones, a peppery taste and a fruity twist.

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The Glueberry has a strong Kush aroma and fruity flavor. Glueberry is a hybrid indica/sativa strain with piney and earthy tones, a peppery taste and a fruity twist.

Glueberry buds are rock hard

The buds are very dense, expect rock hard THC rich nuggets. Glueberry is an indica/sativa hybrid. She is easy to grow, extremely potent and resinous with a deliciously powerful feel-good high.

Glueberry strain info: Strong USA genetics with fruity twist

Glueberry is grown by hybridising our original Blueberry x Gorilla Glue (GG) x Kush.

Gorilla Glue is a popular USA variety, this strain was the successful result of crossing Chem’s Sister with Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. These parents ensured the connoisseur taste and high of this amazing strain.

Another great USA variety used in Glueberry is  Kush, with a distinctive taste and mysterious heritage. Her taste and smell are definitely what many cannabis lovers want.

Blueberry is a famous and classic Dutch Passion strain which provides a rich berry aroma and fruity flavor.

The genetics used to create this great strain ensure the following characteristics:

  • A sweet berry/fruity aroma from the Blueberry genetics
  • The great smell and taste of Kush
  • Guaranteed potency thanks to the Gorilla Glue

Glueberry O.G is an unique prize winning strain with a powerful and strong aroma.

Glueberry effects

Glueberry is a crossing from a mix of Indica and Sativa dominant strains. The effects of Indica strains are very relaxing, providing a heavy body relaxation. While the Sativa effects are more uplifting and give a strong psychoactive cerebral high. In comparison to the Blueberry strain, Glueberry has a stronger effect and is a little less sweet.

More info about Glueberry

Glueberry also performs well when grown in a SCROG environment, if this is your preferred growing method them you may wish to allow extra time during veg growth to really fill the net. Some growers would consider 5-6 weeks a suitable period, more if it’s a bigger SCROG.

Experienced growers should note that Glueberry really responds well to intense lighting during bloom. Side lighting also helps this variety deliver XL yields. If you have a UVB light try using this for the last 2-3 weeks for a few hours each day, and watch the trichomes increase in number and density. LED growers will see great results in bloom.

Glueberry is a popular variety with concentrate producers and lovers of cannabis oil, BHO, shatter, rosin, hash and other types of cannabis extracts. The high oil/resin content from these genetics make this a popular repeat buy for these looking to maximise their concentrate yields.

One final tip from the breeder. If you like a really strong and heavy body stone from this variety leave her an extra week or two in bloom for extra amber trichomes. This produces a powerful couch lock effect which can be great for a night at home.

The master growers of Dutch Passion have crossed these two magnificent strains with each other and crossed the result with our longtime classic Blueberry. The outcome of this beautiful cross with XL yields and an average height of 1.5/2 m is called Glueberry and we are proud to have a new addition to our USA Special line.

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